Use Highrise to Manage Your Agency

Keep everyone on the same page, communicate effectively internally and externally with clients, and deliver projects on time.

Using a combination of our shared inbox, Cases, and tasks to keep on top of all projects, your whole team can work together in one space.

Step 1: Set up a shared inbox

Set up autoforwarding for your shared email, whether it's something like  or , so anyone on your team can see the incoming emails. The entire team can work together from one group inbox.

If you use Gmail, G Suite, or Office 365 to power the email for your agency, connect your shared email in Highrise so anyone on your team can also respond right from Highrise.

Any email you send will be associated with that contact in Highrise, giving anyone on the team complete context on a conversation at all times.

Step 2: Import all contacts into Highrise

Vendors, clients, and anyone else associated with projects you're currently working on, or have worked on in the past, should be added to Highrise. The easiest way to do so is to upload a spreadsheet of contacts directly in.

Be sure to make liberal use of both tags and custom fields. Use tags to group a large number of contacts together, and custom fields to store information specific to your business, such as when you started working with a particular client.

Step 3: Set up a Case per project

With Cases, you can group information about a particular subject together, such as a project you're working on. That way, if you have several projects with one client, all of the information for each project can still easily be found in the project Case. Or, if you have several clients involved in one project, you can link them all together via a Case.

Collect emails, notes, files, and tasks associated with a project all together on the Case. When you are hunting for information, you can search in Highrise for the particular project, and all information will be there. You can also filter by file, email, comments or notes so you can easily get to the specific type of information you need.

Step 4: Have team members forward emails to Case dropboxes

Each Case you create comes with its own special dropbox address.

With that address, you can forward any email to Highrise, and it will be automatically connected to the Case and associated with the contact record of the sender.

If the sender of the email does not already exist in Highrise, Highrise will create a new contact automatically.

Step 5: Create tasks for specific team members

Tasks can be associated with just about anything in Highrise: emails, notes, contacts, even Cases themselves.

When you are viewing a Case, you can create tasks directly from the page, and assign to anyone on your team to complete. Those tasks can be seen from the Case page or the main Tasks page. You and your team can even view tasks outside of Highrise in our iOS app or your Google or Outlook calendar.

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