Add Tasks to Your Calendars

Highrise doesn't have a calendar view for tasks. You can add your Highrise tasks to another calendar by using an iCal feed.

The iCal feed can be imported into many calendar programs, including:

TIP: Connect your Tasks to your Google Event calendar with Zapier

Subscribing to your iCal feed

Your iCal feed is available on the right side of the Tasks page. Click the link that says Subscribe to your iCalendar task feed .

This will display a link to subscribe your tasks to your calendar.

Only tasks that have a specific due date and time will show on your feed. Tasks that are assigned to frameworks (this week, next week, or later) will not show on your calendar.

Subscribe Tasks to your Google Calendar

Follow the steps above to locate your tasks feed link.

Copy the link and go to your Google Calendar.

Click the drop down arrow next to Other Calendars and choose the Add by URL  option.

Paste in your tasks feed link and click Add calendar.

iCal security

This link is unique to your username. You should keep it safe just like your username and password — only use it with software and services that you trust.

If you think it might have been compromised, you can reset the address to completely clear out the subscription and start with a new one by clicking the Reset the address  link.

Syncing between your calendar and Highrise

We don't currently offer native support for adding calendar tasks back into Highrise.

If you want to sync tasks between your calendar and Highrise, a 3rd party integration might help. Check out how Zapier connects Google Calendar Events and Highrise tasks.

Highrise is not involved in the development of any outside integrations. Each one is handled from start to finish by the 3rd party using our API.


It may take some time for tasks to appear on your calendar. Some iCal clients pull them immediately, while others take a few hours to update.

For example, it may take up to 12 hours for changes in ICS feeds to reflect in your Google Calendar. Read more from Google here.

If your tasks do not appear immediately, please allow up to 12 hours for your calendar to update.

Other common reasons for iCal errors

You changed your Highrise password. When you change your Highrise password, your iCalendar URLs are reset for security purposes. If you were subscribed before, you will need to subscribe again.

You don’t have an iCalendar-compatible calendar program installed on your computer. iCalendar is a file format; if you don’t have a program that can read it, you won't be able to subscribe to your tasks feed.

If you try to subscribe to your Highrise Tasks in iCalendar format and your computer tells you it doesn’t recognize webcal:// , you will need to manually subscribe to your calendar program. Try replacing webcal://  with http:// .

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