Create Tasks via Email

You can create tasks in Highrise by sending an email to one of your task dropboxes. This is a quick way to make tasks & reminders for yourself at any time.

Your task dropbox addresses are listed under the  My Info section of your account on the Email Dropbox tab.

You have a different dropbox address for each timeframe – today, tomorrow, this week, next week, and later.

Use any email address associated with your Highrise account to send an email to the appropriate dropbox. The subject line of the email will become the name of your new task.

Currently, you cannot create a task via email and assign it to another person or assign it to a category.

Creating tasks about emails

If you want to add an email you received to Highrise and create a task about it at the same time, you should forward the email to an address that begins  dropbox+today instead of task+today.

Read more about creating tasks about emails.

Each Highrise user has their own unique dropbox addresses. Only email addresses that you approve can be used to create tasks via email.

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