How to use Broadcast Bulk Email

Highrise Broadcast helps you send a message to multiple contacts at once.

How to use Broadcast

Start by selecting people or companies to email from your Contacts page. Filter by a tag or field, or mark the check box next to a contact's name.

Once selected, click the  Email tab to begin your message to your selected contacts.

Please note: Before your first use of Broadcast, Highrise needs to verify your email address. You will receive an email from with a confirmation link.

Once confirmed, start composing your message by choosing an email template from the menu in the top right or by using the Contact's Template Fields menu to dynamically add information to your message.

You can upload any images, edit the HTML, and send yourself a test message prior to delivering your Broadcast.

Please note: Highrise recommends keeping images smaller than 1 MB, using the PNG file format, and an image width no larger than 700 pixels.

TIP: How to segment your contacts to send a Broadcast message.

Select more than 50 Contacts to email

When filtering by a tag or field, 50 contacts will be returned per page. You can select more than 50 contacts at once by clicking  Select all contacts with this tag or Select all contacts that match this search criteria.

Use the filters across the top of your page to make sure the right segment of your contacts receive your message.

Highrise follows the CAN-SPAM Act, which requires every message include an unsubscribe link.You can add an unsubscribe link by choosing Unsubscribe link from the Contact's Template Fields options. Edit the HTML to adjust the hyperlink text.

If a contact unsubscribes from a Broadcast message, it will be denoted on the contact's page. You can see  Unsubscribed next to the contact's email addresses.

Export your contacts in CSV or Excel format. Highrise includes a Subscribed column in the exported file. This column will show as TRUE if a contact is subscribed. And FALSE if the contact is unsubscribed.

If you have a list of contacts to unsubscribe, you can include a  Subscribed column when importing a CSV or Excel file with the value FALSE for contacts you want to unsubscribe.

Please note: Highrise doesn't support bulk re-subscribing contacts. Only bulk unsubscribing is possible through an import. If you want to re-subscribe a contact, do so manually by editing the contact.

How can I re-subscribe a contact?

If a contact unsubscribes, you will no longer be able to send a Broadcast to the contact.

If a contact unsubscribes accidentally, edit the contact and click  Subscribe this person to re-subscribe the contact. This can only be done one contact at a time.If a contact has multiple email addresses, which address will receive the Broadcast message?

If a contact has multiple email addresses, Highrise delivers the Broadcast message to the first  Work email address entered on your contact.

If Highrise cannot find a work email address, Highrise uses the first email address entered on the contact.

What email address will Broadcast messages come from?

Highrise sends Broadcast messages from the email address associated with your username or login. Highrise currently doesn't have support to send Broadcast messages from aliases or alternate email addresses.

If you want to adjust the email address you send Broadcast messages from, please edit your login information and change the email address.

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