Unsubscribe Contacts

You can unsubscribe multiple contacts at once when importing new contacts or updating existing contacts.

Unsubscribing new contacts

If you're importing a new file, and it's from another platform, it's possible the file contains contacts that have previously unsubscribed from receiving your messages.

In this instance, you can add a  Subscribed column to your file.

Enter the value  FALSE in the fields under the subscribed column to automatically unsubscribe contacts during an import. Leave the value blank or place TRUE in the same field to leave the contact subscribed to future Broadcast messages.

Use these template as an example:

When importing, map your fields and make sure the  Subscribed column in Highrise matches your column in your file.

Once the import is completed, you'll find the contacts are marked as  Unsubscribed.

Use the same steps to update existing contacts to unsubscribe multiple at once.

1. Export contacts

Export the contacts you wish to unsubscribe out of Highrise. The streamlined export will contain all the columns you need.

2. Update data

Locate the  Subscribed column in your exported file. Enter the value FALSE in the fields under the subscribed column for the contacts you want to unsubscribe. Leave the value TRUE in the same field to leave the contact subscribed to future Broadcast messages.

3. Delete unneeded fields

In order to unsubscribe multiple existing contacts in your account, your file only needs to include the following fields:  Highrise ID and Subscribed. You can delete all other fields.

For example, your file might look like this if you're unsubscribing multiple contacts at import:

4. Complete import

When reviewing and finalizing your information, choose the Update the existing Highrise contact with the data in the file I uploaded option to update your contacts.

Once confirmed, you'll find your existing contacts unsubscribed.

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