Broadcast Failed Messages

A Broadcast message can fail for several possible reasons.

Click the link on the right side of your Broadcast page to see any failed messages from your Broadcasts. Here you can see a list of failed messages. This list includes the:

  • date of the failed message
  • reason for the failure
  • sender's name and email address
  • email address of the recipient (contact)
  • a link to the specific message sent (Highrise link)

Download a CSV of all the failures by clicking the  Download CSV button.

Click the  recipient's email address to open the contact's page in your account.

Types of failures

There are 4 types of failures:

  1. Spam: The recipient marked the message as Spam in their email client. Highrise will automatically unsubscribe this contact from future Broadcast messages.
  2. Bounce: The recipient's email address doesn't exist. Highrise will also unsubscribe contacts with bounced emails.
  3. Reject: Either Highrise would not send the message or the recipient's email provider would not accept the message.
  4. Fail: The recipient's email provider could not be reached.

If you have questions about a failure, please send us an email (to with a specific example.

If the message to a contact bounces, Highrise adds a note to the contact's page. This note  will not appear in your Latest Activity stream. Only on the contact's page.

Notes are not added to a contact's page when a message results in spam, rejection, or fail.

If a contact is automatically unsubscribed due to a bounce or spam complaint or if the contact clicks an unsubscribe link in your Broadcast messages, you will see an indication on their contact page:

You can export your contacts and view the Subscribed column to see which contacts have opted-out from future messages.

If a recipient manually unsubscribes from your Broadcast messages, this is  not a type of failure. There is also no note added to a contact's page if they choose to unsubscribe. Follow these steps to locate the contacts that have manually unsubscribed from your messages.

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