Email Templates

If you often send the same email message over and over to different contacts, you can save time by turning that message into an email template. Email templates allow you to save a message and send it with one click.

Templates are shared and visible to everyone on your Highrise team.

Creating an email template

Go to the  Email Templates section under your account settings.

If you’re an admin or a user, this link will be under the  Settings section in the right corner of your account. Account owners will find the option under the Account & settings link in the right hand corner.

Click the  Add a New Template button to create a new template message.

Give your template a name, a subject line, and a message.

Merging in contact data fields

Your template can include contact data fields that will be merged into your email, including custom fields in your account.

For example, you could create an email template for new contacts or leads in your account. You can use the  First Name field and the custom field Interest to quickly create a more personalized message.

Attachments in templates

At this very moment, Broadcast and email templates don't have attachment support. You can embed images or other attachments by editing the HTML of your messages.

There is no support right now to host PDF files or documents. You can't upload the file, it would need to be added via the HTML and hosted elsewhere at this time. Here is how to insert an file/link using HTML.

Sending an email template

First, you can send a test message of your template by clicking  Send a test to yourself at the top of the template. You will receive a message from to the email address associated with your login.

This can help check for any errors and make sure the template is the proper format.

Email templates can be sent to several contacts at a time using Broadcast.

You can also use a template when sending an email to one contact at a time if you have your Gmail or Office 365 accounts connected.

Send an email template from a contact's page by:

  1. Selecting the Send email tab
  2. Choosing your template from the select menu

Highrise will enter the subject of the template and fill out the contents of the email based on the contacts’ information.

Your templates are available to all the users in your account, so you can collaborate and keep communication consistent across the team.

Sample template

Download this sample Broadcast template to use on your own.

Watch this video to learn how to use this Broadcast template.

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