Using Outlook in Highrise

Once you've connected your Outlook or Office 365 account in Highrise, you have several other customization options available to you.

What else can I do with email inside Highrise?

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Sending emails in Highrise

Once your Outlook or Office 365 account is connected, you can begin sending emails directly from Highrise.

Navigate to one of your contacts, and click the  Send an email to...  tab to start composing your email.

If you need to CC or BCC another recipient, click  CC/BCC  and add the addresses to each field.

Once finished, click  Send Email  to email your contact.

If you're using Gmail/G Suite, the sender's name will show from your username in Highrise. You can edit your username following these steps.

And if you're using Office 365, the sender's name will show as it appears in Office 365. You can adjust the display name in Office 365 following these steps.

Please note: Highrise will attach a copy of the email to any contact listed in the CC field. If a contact doesn't exist for an email address in the CC field, Highrise will automatically create a new contact for that address and attach a copy of the email to it.

Highrise will  not track any emails of contacts listed in the BCC field.

Add Attachments to Emails

You can attach a file to any email sent out of Highrise.

1. Drag and drop attachments

Drag files (PDFs, Excel files, JPGs, etc.) from your local directory and drop them outside the compose box to attach them to an email.

2. Upload the file attachment

Click  Attach files to this email  to upload up to 5 MB of files or documents to your email.

Once selected, click  Choose file  and upload your file or files one at a time.

Please note: You can upload multiple files. The total size of the files must be 5 MB or less. Remove a file by clicking the red minus sign.

Embed images and edit HTML

You can embed images and edit the HTML of any emails sent directly out of Highrise.

Click the image icon to embed an image into your email. And the  Edit HTML  button to adjust the HTML of your email.

Please note: Highrise recommends keeping images smaller than 1 MB, using the PNG file format, and an image width no larger than 700 pixels.

Replying to emails from Highrise

You can also reply to emails from Highrise. When viewing an email, click the  Start a Reply ...  tab at the bottom of the email thread.

Write your reply and click the  Send email reply  button.


If another member of your team is also replying to a message, Highrise will alert you. Look for  Username is typing ...  at the bottom of the compose window to be alerted when someone else is replying.

When someone replies to your message

Replies to emails sent from Highrise will not be automatically brought into Highrise. You can forward the replies using your dropbox address or use autoforwarding so that both sides of the conversation are saved in Highrise.

Sending email from a Gmail alias

You can send an email with your Gmail alias by navigating to one of your contacts, and clicking the  Send an email to...  tab to start composing your email.

There is an option to select from your Gmail account or your alias.

Sending replies from an alias

You can also reply to emails from Highrise by clicking on the  Reply to this email  tab at the bottom of the screen.

How to disconnect your email account

You can disconnect your Gmail/G Suite or Office 365 account at any time.

Login and navigate to your  My Info  link in the right corner of your account.

If you’re an admin or a user, this link will be under the  Settings  section in the right corner of the account. The Account Owner will find this link under the Account & settings  section in the right corner of the account:

Click the  Email Accounts  tab across the middle of the page.

Click the  Disconnect  link.

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