Autoforward Emails

Highrise supports autoforwarding from most modern email servers using your dropbox address.

Add  +fw  to your dropbox address to forward email replies automatically to your Highrise account. This saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to manually forward messages one-by-one.

If you want to customize what kind of emails are being autoforwarded or where the emails end up in Highrise, use dropbox rules.

Autoforwarding with Gmail

First, find your dropbox address under the My Info  section of your account settings. Add the +fw  rule to it.

The dropbox address rule will look like the following:

Copy this address.

Next, add your dropbox address with the  +fw  rule as a forwarding address  in Gmail, using the instructions from Gmail.

After you enter your dropbox address, Gmail might send an email to Highrise containing your confirmation code. This email is private to you.

Click the link in the confirmation email or copy the confirmation code to confirm your forwarding address.

Please note: If you're using a G Suite account, Gmail does not require you to confirm the dropbox address. This means you will not receive a confirmation email and will begin forwarding messages to your dropbox address right away. Here is more information from Google.

Once confirmed, enable forwarding by selecting the  Forward a copy of incoming mail to  option.

Make sure you save the changes by scrolling to the bottom and clicking  Save changes .

Gmail Filters and Disabling Forwarding

If you enable forwarding, this will forward all email to your Highrise account. If you do not want to forward all email, you can use dropbox rules or Gmail filters.

You can only autoforward specific emails using Gmail filters. Select the  Disable forwarding  option to enable filters.

If you want to automatically forward only certain emails, or forward emails to specific Deals or Cases, use Gmail filters to specify how your emails are sent to Highrise.

For example, if you provide customer support to customers or clients, and those emails always come into your mailbox with  Subject: Support Request: , you could use a filter in Gmail to forward only those emails into Highrise.

Autoforwarding with Office 365 or Exchange

First, grab your dropbox address and add the +fw  rule to it.

The dropbox address rule will look like the following:

Copy this address.

Now, login to your Office 365 account.

Click the  Settings icon, go to Your app settings > Mail .

Next, go to  Accounts > Forwarding  and enter your dropbox address with the +fw  forwarding rule. Make sure Start forwarding  is enabled.

Autoforwarding is now enabled, and you can send a test message to the address you're using with Office 365.

The test message will arrive in your Highrise inbox (Good Morning).

If you're having trouble, please send us an email at and we'll take a closer look.


If you enable autoforwarding without any filters or specific rules, these steps will forward  all email you receive to your Highrise account. If you do not want to forward all email, we recommend using Dropbox rules or custom rules or filters on your email server. This means you could only autoforward specific emails and not every single email.

For example, if you're a real estate agent and people email you about properties, and those emails always come into your mailbox with  Subject: Property Request: , you could use a rule or filter in your email client to forward only those emails into Highrise.

Autoforwarding from other common email servers

Find autoforwarding instructions for other common email servers below. Please make sure you're using your unique dropbox address and adding +fw  to it before doing so.

Not using one of the email servers above? Autoforwarding still likely works with your email server too. Make sure you're using your dropbox address and adding  +fw  to it.

Please note: all email servers and clients forward mail differently, so if you're having trouble, please send us an email. Click on the Contact Us bubble on the bottom-right side of the page to reach our support team.

Dropbox Rules

There are six additional rules you can add to your dropbox addresses to make your autoforwards more useful. You can combine these rules or add them as separate forwarding addresses in your email server. Make sure to add the +fw rule to the dropbox address along with the additional rule or rules.

1. +private

Forwards that you send to:  will automatically become private to only you. This is only useful in multi-user accounts.

2. +contactsonly

Forwards to:  will only be accepted by Highrise if the person sending you this email is found in your Highrise address book.

3. +case or +deal

Forwards to:  will automatically create a new case based on that email. Or use  to create a new deal.

Or if you want to forward emails to an existing Case or Deal, each Case or Deal in your account has its own unique dropbox address. Read more about locating Case or Deal specific dropbox addresses here. For autoforwarding, be sure to add the +fw rule to the case or deal dropbox address.

4. +group

Group dropbox addresses are useful when you want to organize incoming email or limit permissions to a specific group of users.

For example, let's say your team is hiring a new employee. You can create a Group, and use its dropbox address, to send incoming mail into Highrise and automatically make the messages visible to your hiring team or Group.

Forward to a group's dropbox address to automatically make any incoming emails visible to the specific group. Read more on using group dropbox addresses.

Incoming emails will be found in your Good Morning inbox under the Group name.

Please note: Incoming emails will be private only to the group when using a Group dropbox address. The contact the email is associated with can have separate permissions or be visible by others that aren't part of the Group.

5. +tag

Forward to a tag's dropbox address to automatically tag any contacts associated with incoming emails.

For example, if you're using Highrise to run your help desk, you might want to autoforward all emails sent to your support address to a Tag dropbox address. You can then filter by people who have emailed your support team.

6. +task

You can also create tasks with your autoforwards. Read more about it here.

Three things to keep in mind when autoforwarding

  1. Each member of your Highrise account has unique dropbox addresses, so everyone needs to set up their own autoforwards and filters.
  2. Each Case, Deal, Group, and Tag has a unique dropbox address too. You can combine dropbox rules or set up separate forwards and filters depending what you want to accomplish.
  3. If you reset your dropbox address, you’ll need to update all the forwarding addresses you set up in your email server.

Need more help? Send us a message. Send us a message.