Good Morning Group Inbox

Highrise Good Morning helps you organize and respond to incoming emails that need attention from you or someone on your team.

As you manually forward or autoforward emails to your dropbox address, the messages will gather in Good Morning (which will also change to Good Afternoon and Good Evening as your day goes by) in reverse chronological order with the most recent items at the top.

Filtering messages in Good Morning

Filter incoming messages by any group name or user name in your account. The filter will show messages forwarded to a specific group or user.

Reply to a message

Click into a message to view it and reply if you've connected your Gmail or Office 365 account.

Since Good Morning is shared across your team in the same way as Latest Activity, presence will let you know if someone is already replying to the item

If you've not connected your Gmail or Office 365 account, reply to the message from your email client and BCC your dropbox address.

Check off a message

Click the check mark to dismiss messages from the view. If you dismiss an item by accident, there isn't support to send it back to your inbox or Good Morning.

Create a task to follow-up

Click through to the message and create a task associated with the email for you or someone else to act on the item later.

Replying to a message, checking it off, or creating a task about it will remove an item from Good Morning.

Comment on the message

Click through to a message and comment on it internally with your team.

Comments will leave the item in Good Morning.

Clear all messages

You can bulk clear all messages in your inbox at any time by clicking the remove all icon.

Once you click this icon, all messages are dismissed from the inbox. If you do this by mistake, click  Undo  to place all the messages back in the inbox.

Important: If you're filtering by a Group inbox or the Everyone inbox, dismissing all messages will also remove them for other members of your team that are accessing those inboxes. Please make sure you inform your team before making any changes.

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