How to Use With Your Public Relations Firm

Relationships are the heart of any public relations firm. Whether it's people you represent, people you're pitching to, or people you regularly interact with, the core of your business centers around building and maintaining strong relationships. 

Highrise can help you and your team keep track of all of the people you interact with on a daily basis. From one on one conversations you have, to emails you send to hundreds with the push of a button, to tasks to keep track of it all - Highrise lets you do them all from one place.

While Highrise has a ton of features you can explore, here are a few to help you get started:

Step 1: Forward existing important emails with your dropbox address

Your inbox probably contains a wealth of information on clients, upcoming events, etc. In Highrise, you can organize all of that information by contact.

Using a special email address made just for you, called a dropbox address, you can attach any email to a contact in Highrise so that you or anyone else can refer to it at any time.

You can also use your dropbox to create contacts in Highrise - Highrise automatically creates a new contact from an email if the email address isn't yet in Highrise.

Step 2: Import existing contact lists to Highrise

More than likely you have at least one list full of contacts, if not multiple. You can import them all directly into Highrise and keep track of any information you might need.

When you import a file, you can match all of the data you have to corresponding fields in Highrise, and create custom fields for any data that is specific to your business, such as when you started working with a client.

Step 3: Tag contacts

Tags are a great way to group contacts together. You can use tags to indicate specific groups of people, like journalist  or to pitch . If you're working with a team, tags can be used to designate who is responsible for certain contacts internally.

If you have contacts who were entered manually, you can add tags to individual contacts. You can also add tags in bulk either during import, or by selecting multiple contacts on the main contact page.

Step 4: Send bulk email with Broadcast

With all of your contacts in Highrise, you can use our bulk email tool, called Broadcast, to email multiple people at once. Filter contacts in any way you like: by tag, geographic location, or custom field.

Whether you're hosting an event, pitching a story to a group of journalists, or communicating about a new release, Broadcast can help you do that using all of the information you already have in Highrise.

Other tips

  • Set up a Case for each project you're working on to keep all information pertaining to a specific project together.
  • Tasks can be associated with just about anything in Highrise: emails, contacts, Cases, and Deals. Wherever you are in Highrise, click on New Task at the top of the page, and connect information with a specific task you create.
  • Use Deals to manage new work or clients you are trying to acquire. You can assign a monetary value to them, and mark any Deal as won, pending, or lost.

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