Using Tags

Tags are an easy way to organize contacts in Highrise that share similar characteristics.

For example, Sarah works in software development and Jeff works in public relations, but both work for companies involved in Robotics. You could tag each of them with robotics  in order to find them later.

If you manage different types of relationships in Highrise, such as customers, vendors, and prospects, you could use tags like customer  and vendor  to designate which type of contact each person is.

You can also use tags to help you track how you met a contact. If you went to a conference or tradeshow, you could tag the people you met there with the name and year of the conference. That will make it easy to follow up with all of them later.

Adding a tag to a contact

You can add a tag to a contact's page by clicking the Add Tags  (or Edit Tags ) link in under their name.

Tagging multiple contacts at once

To save time, you can add a tag to multiple contacts from the main contacts page. Select the contacts you want to tag by clicking the check box or the Select all  links.

Click the Tag  tab, type your tag in the box, and click the Tag these contacts  button.

Use contact filters or filter fields to quickly find groups of contacts you want to tag. You can also add a tag or tags to groups of contacts by doing a bulk update.

Use a command when forwarding emails

When you forward emails into your Highrise dropbox, you can use a command to add a tag to the contact who sent the email to you. Add the /tag  command to the body of the email you're forwarding along with the tag or tags you want to add.


This is an easy way to track information in Highrise.

For example, if a prospective customer contacts you about a new landscaping project, you could tag them prospect  and landscaping  when you send the email to your dropbox.

At the top of the forwarded message, you would type each tag command separately:

/tag prospect

/tag landscaping

Read more on using commands to tag contacts.

Removing a tag

You can remove a tag from a contact's page by clicking the Edit Tags  link under their name.

Click the x  next to the tag and confirm you want to delete it.

Removing a tag from multiple contacts

Remove a tag from multiple contacts at the same time from the Contacts  page.

Select the contacts that should no longer be tagged from by clicking the check box next to the contact name or by using the Select all  link.

Click on the Untag  tab, type your tag in the box, and click the Untag these contacts  button.

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