Bulk Updating Contacts

You can update multiple contacts at once during an import. This is the best way to make updates to your contacts' information.

Step 1: Export contacts

Export the contacts you wish to update out of Highrise. If you are updating existing data, the streamlined export will contain all the columns you need. If you are adding data to empty fields, you may need to export the complete set of columns. Read more about exporting contacts.

Step 2: Update data

Update the data in the file with the information you want to add to Highrise.

Step 3: Delete unneeded fields

In order to update contacts in Highrise, your file should include the following fields: Highrise ID and any fields that contain new data you want to import. You can delete any other fields that aren’t being used.

For example, your file might look like this if you're adding a new tag to contacts:

Step 4: Import contacts

When reviewing and finalizing your information, choose the Update the existing Highrise contact with the data in the file I uploaded  option to update your contacts.

TIP: See bulk update in action.

How it works

Highrise will use the data in your file to overwrite the existing data. Columns you include in your file, other than tags if you choose the Keep  option (see above), will overwrite the data in Highrise. Columns that are not included will be ignored, and the data in Highrise will remain unchanged. Blank fields will erase existing data and leave it empty.

You should only include columns for values that you want to change.

For example, if your file includes a column for Background , if you choose to import that column into Background in Highrise, whatever you include in that column will overwrite any existing Background info that contact has in Highrise. If the Background field is blank, Highrise will remove any Background info from the contact.

If you include a column for Address and leave it blank, any data in the Address field will be erased and left blank.

How Highrise matches contacts

The first thing Highrise checks for is Highrise ID. If the ID in your file matches a contact in Highrise, then the data will be updated. If you're working with Highrise IDs in a program like Excel, be careful and make sure the IDs don't get mixed up.

How do you find a Highrise ID?

When you export Highrise contacts, the first column exported is the contact's unique Highrise ID. Read more about Highrise ID.

Can you update without a Highrise ID?

Highrise ID is the easiest and most accurate way to bulk update contacts. We strongly recommend that you use the Highrise ID when importing updates.

If you do not have an ID for your contacts, Highrise will try to use email address and company name to match your data to people in Highrise.

Highrise backs up the previous contact data, so you can always undo your import if something goes wrong.

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