Import iPhone Contacts

If you use an iPhone or the Mac address book to manage contacts, you can forward a contact to your dropbox address to automatically add them to your Highrise account.

Before you begin, make sure you find your dropbox address.

Sharing a contact from an iPhone

  1. Open your Contacts from the iPhone and scroll to the contact you want to add to your account.
  2. Click the Share Contact  link.
  3. Choose the Mail  option and enter your dropbox address in the To:  field.

Sharing contacts from the Mac Address book

  1. Open the Address Book on your Mac and view the contact you want to add to Highrise.
  2. Click the icon next the the Edit  button.
  3. Choose the Email card  option and enter your dropbox address in the To:  field.

Find your recently added contacts

You can find a list of the contacts you've forwarded by filtering for recently added contacts.

  1. Go to the contacts page.
  2. Click on all people & companies .
  3. Select Recently added people & companies .

Important notes

  • Contact should be in .vcf or vCard format.
  • You cannot send multiple vCards to your dropbox address at the same time, only one at a time.

This is the only instance where you should be emailing your dropbox address directly. Your dropbox is mostly used for tracking communication with others. It’s intended to be Blind-Carbon-Copied (BCC) or forwarded emails only.

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