Common Importing Errors

If you're having trouble importing contacts, check to see if one of these common issues is causing a problem.

Your contacts are already in Highrise

If your file contains contacts that are already in Highrise, and you left the box checked to Ignore duplicates, then the duplicate contacts will not be imported.

Highrise checks for duplicates in two ways:

  1. For People contacts: a matching email address
  2. For Company contacts: an identical company name

If Highrise finds a contact that meets this criteria, it will be skipped at import.

First name can't be blank

When importing people, the column mapped to the First Name field in Highrise cannot contain any blank fields. Every contact must have a first name. If any first names are missing, Highrise will return an error and the import will fail.

You can place a valid name in the first name column or remove that column from your file before importing it.

No Highrise ID when updating contacts

If you're updating contacts that are already in Highrise, make sure you export them from Highrise first and include the Highrise ID in your file. This is the most accurate way to match contacts in your file to contacts in Highrise.

Read more about bulk updating existing contacts.

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