Using Search Filters

Search filters allow you to locate contacts in Highrise that share one or more pieces of information.

For example, you can find all of your contacts in Baltimore. Or contacts in area code 513 or zip code 60607. Search filters can be applied to any standard contact field.

You can also use search filters on custom fields. If you had a custom field called  University , you could search that field to find all your contacts who went to Stanford.

You can also use them to find all contacts associated with a particular case or deal.

Applying search filters

Go to the  Contacts  tab on the left side of your account, click the search filter icon  at the top of the page.

Click on a field and search for the term you want to filter by.

For example, if you want to find all contacts in the city of Baltimore, click the  City  field and then search for Baltimore  in that field.

This returns all contacts that contain the word Baltimore inside the City field.

The results are not case sensitive. If you type, baltimore you will see the same results.

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How search filters work

Filters can be applied one at a time, or combined together. By filtering both the City field and a custom field  University , you could find all your contacts who live in Baltimore and attended Stanford.

You can also combine search filters with tags. Read more about tag filters.

Apply your results to people, companies, or both people & companies, using view filters.

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