Filtering Contacts with Tags

You can filter your contacts by clicking on any tag underneath a contact or from using the tags icon across the top of the your Contacts page.

You can also combine tag filtering with contact filters or field filters.

Important: when you combine multiple tags or filters in Highrise, only contacts that meet ALL selected criteria are shown, not contacts that meet ANY selected criteria. Selecting the tags customer  and plus plan  will show only those contacts with both tags.

TIP: A workaround to filter by tag A OR tag B.

Company tags

When filtering by a tag, by default Highrise will only return the tagged contacts. If you tag a company but not the people contacts that belong to that company, Highrise will only return the company.

For example, filtering by tag  chicago-city  will return only people and company contacts specifically tagged chicago-city .

If you want to include people associated with the companies tagged  chicago-city , check the box for Include people of tagged companies.

Uncheck the box to exclude people of tagged companies from the filter.

If you want to only see the people associated with tagged companies to send a Broadcast or for an export, change the view across the top of the Contacts page to only People  to remove the companies from your list.

Exclude a tag when filtering

Return contacts who are NOT tagged with a particular tag, first by selecting the tag. Click  With tag  to toggle to Without tag  and filter by contacts without that tag.

For example, after filtering by the  demo  tag, clicking next to it will return contacts NOT tagged with demo.

Exclude a tag in combination with other filters. For example, filter by type of contact, a custom field, and/or multiple tags.

Export tagged contacts

When viewing a list of tagged contacts on the main contacts page, you can use the  Export  link on the right side of the page to export the contacts in your preferred format.

Only the Account Owner, admins, and users with export rights can export contacts out of Highrise.

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