Email Activity Subscriptions

There are four different email subscriptions in Highrise. These are daily digest emails that are sent daily about any activity related to a contact, deal, case, or tag.

Here is how to:

  1. Subscribe to a contact (person or company)
  2. Subscribe to a Deal
  3. Subscribe to a Case
  4. Subscribe to a Tag

TIP: Check out this detailed look at daily digests.

What's included in the daily digest email?

When you subscribe to a daily digest, you're opting-in to receive a daily email about any activity from the previous day added to that contact, deal, case, or tag.

The activity includes:

  • notes added
  • emails recorded (sent and received)
  • comments added to any notes or emails

The email is sent daily at 9 am according to your time zone settings.

If no activity was added, you will not receive a daily digest email.

The emails are sent from to the email address in your Phone/Email Notifications settings. You can adjust your settings to change it to a different address. If you think you're missing a digest, please check your spam folder.

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