Activity Statistics

Any user can view statistics from the Latest Activity  page.

Users will only see their own statistics, while Account Owners and Admins have the ability to see Everyone or filter on specific users.

Select Statistics  from the dropdown menu across the top of the page.

Here you will find 5 different sections of statistics shown monthly on a rolling yearly basis.

  1. Notes: total volume of notes added or created
  2. Emails: emails sent and received. Sent includes any emails sent using dropbox addresses (autoforwarded or manually forwarded), or via Gmail/G Suite or Outlook integration. Does not include Broadcast messages. Email tracking started in September 2016. Data prior to September 2016 is not available.
  3. Tasks: shows tasks assigned and completed.
  4. Deals (Money): shows monetary amount for any won, pending, or lost deals where the user is responsible.
  5. Deals (Number): shows total volume of pending, won, or lost deals for the user who is responsible.

Please note: These statistics include both public and private information. There are no permission checks when counting these statistics. Any information that has been trashed or deleted does not appear in the totals.

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