Email Updates About Tags

Keep track of communication in Highrise by viewing a list of notes, emails, and comments associated with tagged contacts.

When filtering by a tag you'll see an option for Notes & Activity by Tag .

Click the  Activity tagged [tag name]  to view any notes, emails, and comments associated with the tagged contacts.

You can also access tagged activity from your  Tags  page.

Click on the  Tags  link on the main contacts page, then click on any tag from the Manage Tags page.

Click the  Show notes & activity on this tag  link to view any notes, emails, or comments associated with the tagged contacts.

Email updates about a tag

One great way to keep up with Highrise activity from your team is to subscribe to a daily digest email about a tag.

This digest will notify you about new contacts added to the tag as well as notes and emails added to contacts with the tag.

For example, you could subscribe to a daily digest for the tag  prospect  and receive updates about all the new business prospect activity from your team in Highrise.

Turn on email updates

Click on any tag from the  Manage Tags page, then click Turn on email updates  on the right side on the page.

Email digests are sent out once per day by 9am.

You will only receive an email if something new was added on the previous day. If you think you're missing a digest, please check your spam folder.

Turn off email updates

You can turn off the email updates by clicking  See details about the digest or unsubscribe  on the right side of the tag page.

Click  Unsubscribe  to stop receiving emails about the tag.

Use tag dropbox addresses

You can also BCC or forward emails to a tag's dropbox address.  Read more here.

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