How to Manage a Pipeline

Use Deals to Manage a Pipeline

Deals are a handy way to keep track of money-based projects. If you're looking to project future earnings or trying to measure what you've done in the past, Highrise can help.

Step 1: Create Deal custom fields

Deal custom fields are useful to add context about your money-based projects. The Account Owner or any admins can create deal custom fields following these steps.

In this example, we've created two different deal custom fields:

  1. Probability
  2. Expected Close Month

Step 2: Enter custom fields and set categories

Once you've created Deal custom fields, you're ready to use these fields with your Deals. Start populating your Deals and entering in your custom field values.

Another great way to further customize your Deals is to use categories. Edit and adjust any Deal categories with the help of this guide.

For example, if you're a commercial real estate broker, your categories might include different types of business you're pursuing: Hotels, Multifamily, or Retail.

Step 3: Filter and export Deals

Categories can be used in combination with Deal custom fields and other filters to manage your pipeline.

For example, you can use Deal custom fields and categories to find all Deals expected to close in the month of March in the Hotels category .

You can also use Deal custom fields and categories to find out what Deals you've won in the month of February in the Hotels category.

If you want to customize your report more, any users with export rights can export Deals in CSV format. This is helpful if you want to filter by more than one Deal custom field at a time or other pieces of information not included in Highrise filters.

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