Filter & Sort Deals

Filter deals by stage, category, user, or time frame.

Use filters to narrow down deals by specific criteria. For example, this filter shows one deal in pending deals, in the Support category, for the user Lynette Kontny, from all time, and the deal custom field Probability = 25%.

Deal filter options

All Deals - Stage

Filter by all deals, pending, won, or lost deals.

All Categories

Choose all categories or one specific category. (You cannot filter by two categories at the same time.) Read more about deal categories.

Everyone or one user

Select everyone or choose a user who is responsible for the deal.

Time frame

Filter by all time, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days, last 6 months, this year, or last year.

For pending or all deals, Time Frame returns results based on the creation date of the deal. For won or lost deals, Time Frame returns results based on when they were won or lost.

Deal custom fields

Filter a deal custom field by any existing values or pre-defined values in your account. These filters are helpful to manage your pipeline.

How to sort deals

You can sort deals in two ways:

1. Alphabetically (A-Z): This is the default way deals are sorted, from A-Z, alphabetically.

2. Newest to Oldest: This sorts deals by last updated date, most recent to oldest.

You can change how deals are sorted in the right hand corner of your deal page.

Select an option from the pull down:

The results will be organized by deal stage – pending, won, or lost.

Sort deals on a contact page

Deals on a contact's page can also be sorted Alphabetically or Newest to Oldest.

Deal reporting

If you're looking for deal reports or to manage your pipeline, follow the guides below:

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