Export Deals

Users with the export rights can export deals from an account. If you don’t see an  Export link on the deals page, contact your Account Owner or an admin to grant you export rights.

Click the  Deals tab on the left sidebar.

Next, click the  Export link on the right side of your Deals page.

You will receive an email from  system@highrisehq.com once the export is complete. The export is in CSV format.

What the export contains

The CSV file of deals includes:

  • Deal Name
  • Contact's Name (who the deal is with)
  • Description (Background)
  • Amount (How much the deal is worth)
  • Category
  • Who's responsible? (user on the account)
  • Status (pending, won, or lost)
  • Created at (Date the deal was created)
  • Last updated (date the deal was last updated)
  • Status Change (last date the deal changed in status)
  • Deal custom fields (any deal custom fields)

All deals are sorted by the  Last Updated date and time in the CSV file.

If you want to export a segment of deals, you can filter your deals and click Export. This can be helpful to manage your pipeline, see examples here.

For example, the filters here are showing one deal across  pending deals, in the Support category, for the user Lynette Kontny, from all time, and the deal custom field Probability = 25%.

When clicking  Export, Highrise exports this one deal based on the filters.

Read more on how to use deal filters to manage your pipeline.

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