View & Sort Cases

There are several ways to view cases in Highrise, depending on your context.

View all cases

You can view all cases – both open and closed – from the cases tab.

Click the cases link in the left sidebar to see a list of all open cases.

Click the  closed cases link to view closed cases.

How to sort cases

On the main cases page, you can sort both open and closed cases in two ways:

  1. Alphabetically (A-Z): This is the default way cases are sorted, from A-Z, alphabetically.
  2. Newest to Oldest: This sorts cases by the date each one was created, newest to oldest. It does not sort by the last updated date.

Note: You cannot view or sort both open and closed cases at the same time.

You can change how cases are sorted in the right hand corner of your case page.

Select an option from the pull down:

Sort cases on a contact page

Cases on a contact's page can also be sorted Alphabetically or Newest to Oldest.

A contact's page includes both open and closed cases sorted together. Currently, they cannot be viewed separately.

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