Adding Cases

Cases can be created in Highrise several different ways.

Add a case from the main cases page

Click the  Cases tab on the left sidebar.

Click the Add a New Case button near the top of the page.

Give the case a name and select who can see it.

Add a case from a contact page

You can also add a case directly from a contact's page. Click the  Cases tab and the Add a New Case button.

The case will be associated with that contact. Name the case and select who can see it.

Add a case by email

You can create cases via email by using your Highrise dropbox address. There are two ways to do that:

1. Forwards

Forward an email directly to your dropbox address, and place the new case directive in the body of the forwarded message.

/case NEW CASE

Adding  /case NEW CASE to the email will create a new case that includes the email you forwarded. You can replace NEW CASE with whatever you want to name the case you're creating.

2. BCC/CC or autoforwards

You can CC/BCC your email to your dropbox address, just add +case to it. For example:

A new case will get created using the subject of the email as the case name.

You can also use autoforwarding to forward emails to dropbox+case@ and new case will created for each email automatically.

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