Build & Edit Cases

You can add and share many different kinds of information in a case, including contacts, tasks, notes, and emails.

Add contacts to a case

Contacts can be added to a case in several different ways.

1. From the Case Page

Click the  Add/Remove link to add contacts to a case one at a time. Search for a contact, then click the name to add them to the case. You can add both people and companies to cases.

Remove a contact by clicking the red minus link, then click the  Done Editing link.

2. By Filing Notes and Emails

When you add a note or email about a contact and file it to a case, that contact will also be added to the case.

Read more about how to file a note or email.

3. By using a case dropbox address

When you BCC or forward an email to a case dropbox address, the contact associated with the message, will also be automatically added to the case.

Read more about how to use a case dropbox address.

Add notes and emails to a case

Each case in Highrise has a unique dropbox address—similar to your main dropbox address—that can be used to collect and track emails.

Read more about how to use a case dropbox address.

You can also add notes directly from the compose box on a case page.

Add tasks to a case

On the right side of a case page, you can create tasks that will be linked to the case.

Add background information

Click the  Edit link on the right side of the page to add background information or details about the purpose of the case.

How to close a case

Closing a case helps you archive information you may want to refer to again later, while making it easier to find open cases. When a case is closed, no new information can be added to it, but it remains in Highrise.

For example, if you complete your job search, you can close the case that you used to track that search. If more information needs to be added, you can always re-open the case.

Close by a case by clicking the red "Edit this case" link in the right corner of a case page.

Click the  Close radio button and save your changes.

How to re-open a case

Re-open a case by viewing a closed case and clicking the  Open Case link.

This will re-open the case and allow you to add more information to it.

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