Delete a User

Only the Account Owner and admins can delete a user.

Before deleting a user, please be aware of what happens when a user is removed.

  • All private notes, private emails, private contacts, private cases, and private deals are deleted. In this case private means anything that is visible only to that user.
  • Other recordings will preserve the user’s name as their author, and will not be deleted.
  • Any deals that the user is responsible for will be retained. The user will be removed as the responsible party. This will result in nobody being responsible for those deals. However, you can change the responsibility of those deals to another user before deleting the other user.
  • Any tasks associated with this user will be deleted. You can also bulk transfer tasks before you delete the user.

If you're unsure about private information associated with a user, please contact our support team. Click on the Contact Us bubble on the bottom-right side of the page to reach us.

Transfer information

Before deleting a user, you might want to transfer information or responsibilities to another user in your account. The two main pieces of information you'll want to transfer are tasks and deals.

Tasks associated with a user will be deleted. You can transfer all open (upcoming and overdue) tasks from one user to another user following these steps.

If a user is deleted and this user was responsible for a deal, this will leave no one as responsible for those deals.

You can change which user in your account is responsible for a deal by editing the deal and choosing a new user from the pull down menu.

How to delete a user

Delete a user by opening the  Settings  and selecting the Users  page.

Click  Delete User  and confirm the deletion.

Once a user is deleted, there isn't support to undo the deletion. This is why you're asked to confirm the deletion.

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