Transfer Tasks

The  Account Owner or any admins can transfer tasks from one user to another user from the Users  page.

This is useful if you're planning on removing a user from your account or if you need to reassign multiple tasks at once.

Step 1. Go to the Users page

Navigate to the Users  page from the settings menu in your account.

Locate the user, so you can transfer their tasks.

Step 2. Click transfer tasks

Click Transfer Tasks  and choose what user you want to transfer the tasks to from the drop down menu.

Step 3. Confirm the transfer

Click  Transfer  and then OK  to confirm you understand there is no way to undo this change. Once confirmed, the tasks will be transferred to the new user.

Please note: Tasks can only be transferred to one user, not multiple, at this time. The transfer only includes upcoming and overdue tasks. Completed tasks aren't included in the transfer.

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