Build & Edit Deals

You can add and share many different kinds of information in a deal, including deal stage, responsibility, tasks, notes, and emails.

Change the deal stage

Deals have 3 stages:

  • Pending
  • Won
  • Lost

You can adjust the deal stage in the left hand corner of the deal.

The date a deal was created, marked pending, won, or lost are included in the activity feed of the deal.

Add and remove contacts

You can add additional contacts to a deal. This will not affect who the deal is with.

Click the  Add/Remove link to add contacts to a particular deal one at a time. Search for your contact, and click their name to add them to the deal.

Remove a contact by clicking the red minus link, then click the  Done Editing link.

Add notes and track emails

Each deal in Highrise has a unique dropbox address—similar to your main dropbox address—that can be used to collect and track emails.

Read more about how to use a deal dropbox address.

You can also add notes directly from the compose box on a deal page.

Change responsibility

You can change which user in your account is responsible for a deal by editing the deal and selecting a new user from the menu.

Click on  Edit this deal.

When editing the deal, there is an option to change who is responsible.

If you delete a user from Highrise, the deals that the user is responsible for will be retained, but the user will be removed as the responsible party. This will result in nobody being responsible for those deals.

However, you can change the responsibility to another user before you delete.  Read more about deleting a user.

Add tasks to a deal

On the right side of a deal page, you can create tasks that will be linked to the deal.

Add background information

Your description of the deal will be included under the Background Info section on the right side of the page.

Click the  Edit link to add more background information or details about the purpose of the deal.

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