Search Notes

There are two ways to search notes, emails, and comments in Highrise. You can also use the activity filters to find notes.

1. Search notes tab

Click the  Search Notes  tab and begin your search.

The results will return any email, note, or comment with your search term or terms. In the right corner of the page, you can toggle between two options to sort your results:

Recent Activity - results sorted in chronological order (most recent to least recent)

Relevancy - results sorted by how frequently a term appears in your activity

Results are sorted by  Recent Activity  by default.

2. Search from the jump bar

You can also search from the jump bar at the top of your Highrise account.

Enter your search team and click the option at the bottom of the results to  Search for ... in your notes, comments, and emails...

Delete notes, emails, and comments

Delete notes, emails, and comments individually or in bulk from the  Search Notes  tab.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click  Delete these search results  to bulk delete notes, comments, and emails.

If you delete the results by accident, the deleted results can be restored in bulk from your Trash can.

Find notes using activity filters

When viewing your Latest Activity or the activity on a contact, case, or deal page, you can use the activity filters to find notes.

Click  Latest Activity  and choose Notes  from the dropdown options.

Scroll through to find only notes for all activity, or activity related to a specific contact, case, or deal.

You can also filter by  EmailsCommentsFiles , and by a specific user or member of your team.

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