Groups save you time when setting permissions or choosing who can see what information in your account.

Groups are a collection of users. Instead of selecting multiple users or teammates to see certain information, you can select the group that includes all of those users.

For example, you can create a group called Executives  which consists of your CEO, Managers, etc. This would allow you to make contacts, notes, emails, deals, or cases visible to these users by selecting the Executives  group instead of selecting each individual user one at a time.

If a new user is joining your account, you can use groups to make existing information in your account private to this new user.

The Account Owner and admins can create groups by going to the Groups  page under Settings .

Click the Make a Group  button, name your group, and select the users who should be members of the new group.

Once created, you can choose the group when setting permissions in your account.

TIP: Why you should use Groups in Highrise.

Edit or remove groups

You can also edit or remove a group at any time by clicking the links on the Groups page.

If there is information associated with a group you're removing, Highrise will prompt you to choose what you would like to do with that information.

You can either choose a new group to associate the information with or select a few people who can see the information moving forward.

Groups can't be combined or merged. Instead, remove one group and make that group's information visible to a new group.

Group dropbox addresses

Each group in your account has its own unique dropbox address that can be used when tracking incoming and outgoing email.

Read more on how to use group dropbox addresses here.

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