Setting & Changing Permissions

Set permissions or choose who can see any new or existing information entered in your account. This includes importing or adding contacts, notes, emails, cases, deals, or tasks.

Change permissions of a contact

You can change the permissions of a contact by editing it. The edit link is in the right sidebar on a contact's page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page when editing a contact, and find the Who else can see this contact?  section. Select yourself (Just Me), a group, or other users that can see the contact, and save.

If you don't see the Who else can see this contact? , you don't have permission to change who can see it because you're a user. You're not the admin or the Account Owner.

Users can only edit the permissions of contacts they've created on their own. Not contacts created or added by others.

If you're changing who can see a contact, you will be prompted before you save that any existing notes and emails associated with the contact will be impacted.

Only the Account Owner can check the box to make all existing notes and emails associated with the contact match the new permissions. If you're a user or admin, you'll need to manually edit the permissions of each note and email associated with the contact one at a time to match the new permissions.

Change permissions of note or email

Edit the permissions of a note or email by hovering over it and clicking the Edit  icon in the lower right corner.

Adjust the permissions using the Who can see this note/email?  menu. Choose a user or group from the menu, or begin typing a user’s name or group's name to adjust the permissions.

Once you’ve selected your permissions, make sure you save your changes.

Change permissions of contacts in bulk

You can change the permissions of multiple contacts at once from your Contacts  page.

First, select your contacts by marking the check box to the left of the contacts. You can also select all of your contacts, by clicking the Select all of your contacts  link or filter by a certain tag.

Once selected, click the Permissions  tab and adjust who can see your contacts, then confirm the changes by clicking the Change permissions  button.

Bulk changes to notes & emails

When users or admins change the permissions of an existing contact, the permissions of the notes and emails attached to that contact will not automatically change.

The Account Owner is the only one with the ability to change existing notes and emails to match a contact's new privacy settings.

The Account Owner will find this option when adjusting permissions from an individual contact's page.

When editing a group of contacts, there is a check box the Account Owner can choose to adjust all existing notes and emails to match new permissions. Only the Account Owner can check the box to change the existing notes and emails in bulk.

The Account Owner and admins can change permissions on any contact, note, email, case, or deal they can see in the account. Users can only change permissions for contacts, notes, emails, cases, or deals they’ve created on their own.

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