Manage Invoices

Manage Invoices

The Account Owner can adjust the invoice settings and find any past invoices in your account.

First, click the  Account & settings tab in the right corner of the account and choose the Account, upgrades, billing link.

Find previous invoices

Scroll down to the Invoices section to see a list of all your past invoices and a link to adjust your invoice settings. Click the individual invoice link to view a specific invoice.

Change invoice settings

Click the  Change your invoice settings link.

You can change who receives the invoices and add notes to your bill. For example, you can show your full company address or add special tax information.

The Account Owner will always receive an invoice. You can also add one additional email address to receive copies of your invoices.

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The billing and invoice information can only be adjusted by the Account Owner. If you do not see the Account & settings link in the right corner of your account, you’re not the account owner.

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