Account Ownership

An account can only have one owner. You can grant admin rights to other people on the account, but as the owner, you’re the only one who can can access the account page, upgrade, downgrade, change billing information, access past invoices, and cancel the account.

Transfer ownership

The Account Owner can transfer ownership of the account to someone else by scrolling down to the bottom of your  Account page and click Transfer ownership to someone else.

You'll find a drop down with all the people in your account. Choose the new owner and click  Make this person the Account Owner. The ownership transfer takes effect immediately.

If the current owner of your account isn't available, send us an email. Click on the Contact Us bubble on the bottom-right side of the page to reach our support team.

Transferring the account does not remove the credit card from the account. Please contact support if you’d like to remove the card from the account before you transfer it to someone else.

What happens when the Account Owner is unavailable?

It happens — people switch jobs, get laid off, go on extended leave — the account owner may be unavailable for any number of reasons.

If the account is owned by a legal entity, we at Highrise can reassign account management if provided with enough proof that the request is coming from a top-level organizational leader. To start a change request, an owner or chief executive of the organization must email our support team.

From there, we’ll ask for more verification of identity and relationship to the organization as well as ensure that there are no pending disputes of ownership. This process will likely take several days, as we need to make absolutely sure the request is legitimate.

If we’re unable to verify the legitimacy of the request, or if it’s being disputed by the current Account Owner, we may require a properly served court order to proceed.

Need more help? Send us a message. Send us a message.