Step 3: Create Tags and Custom Fields

Need to keep unique information and about contacts? Set up both tags and custom fields to categorize and designate contacts in any way you need to.

Using tags

Tags are best used to group many contacts together, such as  customer  and vendor .

Tags can be created either when importing contacts in bulk from a spreadsheet, to individual contacts, or to multiple contacts at once.

Using custom fields

Custom fields are great for information that is rarely reused in Highrise. Say you have a unique number or ID to each of your customers, a custom field can be created called  Customer ID  to enter that information.

They are also perfect to use for any information which has a small set of possible values. For example, if your company offers 3 different services, for example, you might create pre-defined values for each type of service, such as landscaping, hardscaping, or pest control.

Custom fields can be created by either the Account Owner, or any admin. Go to  Settings > Custom Fields  to create as many as you would like.

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