Autofiling for Cases & Deals

Highrise automatically files some emails that you forward or BCC to your dropbox address.

Based on the contact's email history, Highrise will assign the email to a case or deal that you have with this contact.

If this doesn’t work as you'd like it to, each user can disable autofiling and use case or deal specific dropbox addresses to get email to the right place.

How it works

An email will be auto-assigned to a case or deal using the following rules:

Only one open case or pending deal: There is only one open case or pending deal associated with a contact. If there are multiple cases or deals associated with a contact, or no open cases or pending deals, an email will not be filed automatically.

Contacts that appear as users: Emails are not autofiled to contacts that appear to be Highrise users. For example, if the email address,, is listed as a user and a contact.

Only a previous email history: An email will only be autofiled if there is a previous email history with a contact already filed to a case or deal. If there is no email history, an email will not be autofiled.

Email replies with the same subject: If there is a previous email with a contact that looks like a reply from a current email (the email subject matches), Highrise autofiles to the case/deal of that previous email.

What if an email is filed incorrectly?

If you find an email is filed incorrectly, please edit the email to un-file it from an incorrect case or deal.

Disable autofiling

Each user can disable autofiling emails to a case or deal by going to the My Info section of their account settings.

If you’re an admin or a user, this link will be under the Settings section in the right corner of the account. The Account Owner will find this link under the Account & settings section in the right corner of the account.

Scroll down the page to find the Autofiling section.

By default, autofiling is enabled. Disable autofiling by unchecking the box and clicking Update autofiling.

This will turn off the autofiling of any of your emails to a case or deal.

Please note: This is a local setting for each user. Not a global setting for the account. This means each user must disable autofiling on their own.

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