Highrise iPhone App

iPhone and iPads users can download and install our iOS app for free. The iOS app runs on any Apple device with the operating system iOS 9 or later.

Download the app from the iTunes store

iPhone app features

  • Search your contacts, edit existing contacts, and add new contacts
  • Add notes and share comments with your team
  • Create, assign, and complete tasks
  • View and scroll through the Latest Activity of your team
  • View tags on contacts and search contacts by a tag
  • See upcoming tasks when viewing a contact

Not all the features from Highrise are in the iPhone app yet. Please stay tuned for improvements.

TIP: Dictate notes using the iOS app


Can't log in? First, make sure you have an active Highrise account. Only users who already have a Highrise account can log in.

Reset your app if you're having trouble. Open the fifth tab (3 dots) and tap the red Sign Out link. This will sign you out and clear the app settings. It's similar to clearing the cache and cookies in a desktop browser. Resetting your Highrise iOS app won't effect your account data.

Still having trouble? Open the fifth tab (3 dots) and tap the Help & Feedback link to send our support team an email.

Use multiple accounts? Open the fifth tab (3 dots) to switch between your accounts.

You can only switch accounts if you use the same username with each account. If you're using different usernames, you must log out of the app and login with your other username to access your other accounts.

Need more help? Send us a message. Send us a message.