Using Highrise on Mobile

Highrise can be accessed on almost any Internet-enabled smart phone or tablet. You can choose the best way to use Highrise on mobile based on your device.

iOS app

iPhone and iPad users can install the Highrise app from the iTunes app store.

Read more about Highrise for iOS.

Android app

Android users on any device using Android versions 5.0 and above can install the Highrise app from the Play store.

Read more about Highrise for Android.

TIP: Use the Highrise mobile apps as your phone's address book.

Highrise mobile web site

Windows Phone and Kindle users can use the Highrise mobile website, which is optimized for touch screens of all sizes.

Use your mobile browser to log in to Highrise from our homepage or from your Highrise subdomain.

Read more about the Highrise mobile website.

Third party apps

There are some third party apps that help you use Highrise on your devices.

CompanionLink helps sync users between Highrise and your device. It supports many different devices, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

Highrise is not involved in the development of any outside integrations. Each one is handled from start to finish by the 3rd party using our API.

How to find your web address or subdomain?

When logging in from a mobile device, you'll want to have your web address or subdomain handy. Your web address or subdomain is what shows before the when accessing your account from the web. It's the same for all users that access your account.

For example, this account:

The web address or subdomain is  demo

Please note: If you're using multiple Highrise accounts under the same login, all you need to know is one of your account's web addresses or subdomains to login.

If you don't know your web address, please contact our support team. Click on the Contact Us bubble on the bottom-right side of the page to reach our support team.

Need more help? Send us a message. Send us a message.