Common Dropbox Errors

If you're having trouble with your dropbox address, it is likely due to one of these common errors:

You're forwarding an email that does not include an email address

If you are forwarding an email, the body of the forwarded email must include the headers of the forwarded message.

For example:

Date: March 24, 2015 at 5:30:22 PM EDT
Subject: March Schedule

Without these headers or the  From: part of the email, Highrise won't receive the information or associate it with the correct contact.

This error might not result in a bounce message. If you do not see the email in your Highrise account, the missing headers are a likely reason why.

A few different versions of email clients hide the headers when forwarding an email, including Outlook, Airmail, and GoDaddy. If you're using one of these email clients, make sure you're forwarding emails in plain-text only.

If that's not an option, you can copy the emails and paste them into Highrise as a note.

You're sending a HTML email

If you are having trouble with your email formatting or something looks off, try sending in plain-text instead.

You're using the wrong dropbox address

Make sure you’re using your own dropbox address. You can check by viewing the  My Info section of your account in the Email dropbox tab.

If you use the incorrect dropbox address or your colleague's dropbox address, you will receive a bounce message. You cannot email someone else’s Highrise dropbox, only your own.

You're sending an email directly to your dropbox

Your dropbox can only process emails that have a sender and a receiver. If you send an email directly to your dropbox address without another recipient, Highrise doesn’t know which contact to link that email to and the email will bounce.

You're sending the email from an address not listed in Highrise

If you manually forward or BCC an email from an address that’s not listed under your contact information in Highrise, it won’t be processed correctly. Since you can enter multiple emails in Highrise, it’s a good idea to add any addresses that you may be using in the future.

Read more about how to approve other email addresses to be used with your dropbox address.

You're not including '+fw' in your autoforward email address

If you set up autoforwarding you need to include +fw along with your dropbox address for it to work properly with Highrise. If you don't you may receive an error stating you haven't approved the email address for which you set up autoforwarding.

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